About Us

Director & Research Manager

GIS was founded by Dr.S.Mazhar (Ph.D) in 2017. GIS an introduction to latest technology availed by our laboratory located at the heart of gem market (Beruwala) in Sri Lanka. It operates as Modern Laboratory, Institution and Research centre with extensive experience. It has equipped with sophisticated gem tools and gem identification devices to ensure accuracy and perfection in gem analysis to the complete satisfaction of our clients and customers.

Our Mission is to build consumer confidence in the trading of Gemstones by issuing authentic Characterization, determination of origin, grading and identification reports, holding workshops and seminars regarding recent researches on gemstones and specially focused into gem mining by upgrading of our human resource and laboratory equipments with proper guidelines.

Furthermore, it introduced new colour grading to the trading, such as SWEET ROYAL BLUE, SWEET VIBRANT PINK, CARNATION PINK, SWEET STRAWBERRY RED, LAVENDER (VIOLET), VIRIDIAN GREEN, CANARY YELLOW, SUNSET(Orangish Pink-A grade), SUNRISE(Orangish Pink-B grade),etc... by the quality, genuine and excellent gem identification test by academically trained, qualified and specialized professionals. GIS is well known in the market due to its honest and authentic opinion.